Acceptable Use Policy

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Being an inbound and outbound support service provider, MBS Info Solution serves its customers and the end-users the means to disseminate and acquire commercial, public, and non-commercial information. MBS Info Solution respects the privacy of users' personal information while dissemination of information. If any legal, business or security concern arises, we as a service provider reserve the right to take corrective or preventative action for the sake of sorting competing interests. We have designed this Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") to explain and supplement particular terms of every customer's respective service agreement, which works as a guide to utilize our services. From time to time, we hold the right to revise this Agreement.


The internet is not owned or controlled by any party. And, this fact shows the internet's value and openness. But, the users themselves hold the responsibility and judgment to use the Internet in terms of both acquiring and disseminating information to others. When the subscribers collect information via the internet, they should keep this in mind that MBS Info Solution cannot verify, monitor, vouch, or warrant the quality and accuracy of the information that has been acquired by the subscribers. It is their own judgment or decision to rely on the information that he/she obtained via the Internet. Before using any information, a subscriber must be careful that he must not be using offensive or sexually explicit data. We simply have no right to censor or monitor the Internet data and certainly will not make an attempt to do it. MBS Info Solution does not take any responsibility if the Subscriber falls prey to any offensive, inaccurate or illegal communication from the Internet.


If as a user, you disseminate the information via the Internet, you must remember that MBS Info Solution does not edit, review or censor and even is not responsible for such data. And, when the users put any information over the Internet, they are liable for defamation, copyright infringement, or other harmful dialogues. For such instances, MBS Info Solution may take action if it is being disseminated through over network as it may affect our business reputation, operations, and business reputation. The users may violate this policy by being engaged in the following activities-

  • Transferring, publishing or dispensing abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory or pornographic and obscene materials, language.
  • Engaging in any activity that breaches the privacy, publicity or any other's personal rights, including data privacy.
  • Distributing any type of listed or unlisted malware like worms, viruses, Trojan horse, spyware, key loggers, adware, etc.
  • Sending out commercial or unsolicited/spam messages in bulk over the internet.
  • Installing any malicious software intended to subvert or breach the authenticity, investigative, subvert security or other controls on any of the MBS Info Solution's subscribers or another subscribers' device or servers.
  • Distributing, transmitting and publishing of information that encourages the violation of laws and unlawful business activities.
  • Maintaining an open simple mail transfer protocol relay.
  • Interfering with other's ability to use or disrupting the effective usage of the network, service, system, equipment or any other connected network.
  • Breaching export control regulations or laws.
  • Expediting any violation of this AUP by transmitting, advertising or making any product, software, program, service or product available designed to violate the terms of this AUP, including the facilitation of the modes and means to flooding, spam, denial of service attacks, mail bombing, etc.
  • Engaging in activities like cracking, hacking, crypto mining, mail bombing, denial of services port scanning or any other destructive and malicious activities considered lawful or unlawful that MBS Info Solution determines to be damaging to its reputation, subscribers, customer relations, operations or goodwill.
  • Subverting authentication, investigative, security or other controls that are designed to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality, availability of information including and not limited to forging headers, spoofing, altering logs, misrepresenting the message originator, impersonating other users, cracking passwords, disabling security software, cracking encryption or rendering a security software useless intendedly.
  • Participating in activities that anyhow violate or breach the intellectual property rights of related parties including patent, trademark, service mark or copyright infringement, trade secret disclosure and software piracy.
  • Attempting or gaining unauthorized access to other networks or computers including an attempt to breach the security measures of other systems or any activity suspected to precursor an attempt to other's system penetration.
  • Engagement in any illegal activity that includes and extends the scope of transmitting, advertising, or making a pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme, credit card fraud and pirating of software.
  • Transmission of customer data or any other data to MBS Info Solution that requires consents or require control requirements that go beyond the scope of the agreed scope of work violates any data privacy laws.
  • The customer too shall have a legal and agreed business purpose for transferring any type of customer data to MBS Info Solution.

As a usual practice, MBS Info Solution does not monitor the communications of the subscribers. When we become aware of unacceptable activities, we may take strict action to stop unacceptable activities according to our AUP Policy, which may include but not confined to shut down a website, remove the data, implement screen software for blocking offensive information, blocking access to the web, or other acceptable action that are appropriate.

MBS Info Solution is aware that many subscribers are providers of the Internet services, and that data coming to MBS Info Solution from those subscribers may have been originated from any customer of the subscriber or a third-party. MBS Info Solution expects the Subscribers who provide internet service shall cooperate with our preventive and corrective actions that are necessary to comply with the policy. Failing to cooperate with such preventive or corrective measures will be deemed as a violation of our policy.

MBS Info Solution is also concerned with the privacy of websites and online communications. Usually, the Internet is never secure in terms of communication such as voice telephone service, mail, etc. So, all is either can be compromised or intercepted. We urge our users to maintain security measures as we presume all online communication secure.

MBS Info Solution will not monitor any content of private calls or electronic messages or mails intentionally unless it is required by a government authority, law or any other data protection act. As an exception, we monitor emails via security tools such as spam blocking, virus scanning or any other security measures. We also monitor our service electronically for satisfactory operations. MBS Info Solution is essential for the law that removes or blocks the access customer content over the receipt of the copyright violation. This ensures the MBS Info Solution policy to cease all the privileges offered to the customer who repeatedly carries out the infringement of copyright laws.

MBS Info Solution is apprised of all the law enforcement agencies if they clued up about the child pornography on or is being carried out via the MBS Info Solution network.

MBS Info Solution may unveil the data but not about the information regarding the subscriber, any of the transmission made with our network or with our any internet service including the website, so as to obey the court orders, subpoena, summons, statue, and the government request with the Master Service Agreements within the different parties.
Last but not least, the MBS Info Solution can reveal the subscriber data or the information conveyed through its network so as to safeguard the MBS Info Solution and the other involved things from any harm or where the information disclosure is important for the commencement of the system with the Master Service Agreement between the specified parties.

MBS Info Solution expects that the subscribers that render the internet services to the other will comply with the specified laws including the privacy of online communications. Any of the subscribers who don't obey these laws will be considered as violating the MBS Info Solution policy.

For any of the feedback or the information about the Subscriber Violation of this AUP can be consigned on