design & Workshop

Experience design & Workshop

Transform how the enterprise acts at critical customer touch points. We bring together cross-organizational/-functional leaders responsible for customer engagement to implement your experience transformation initiatives. Our industry-experienced consultants use Customer Journey Mapping, from helping you identify strategic priorities, to defining customer personas and lifecycle. Analyze the present customer experience, outline the desired "state," and launch an implementation roadmap.


Design thinking & customer Workshop

Drive measureable outcomes from customer engagement. Since your market ecosystem extends far beyond "front office" interactions, we work alongside internal functions and external partners to provide you with an assessment of customer experience. This includes enterprise processes, systems, and staff capabilities in action across the customer lifecycle. We use design thinking to assist you not only with analysis, but also with iterating solution approaches toward re-architecting every facet of customer engagement with ROI.

Design thinking
Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Set up "fully-digital engagement hubs" and dramatically improve service quality and personalization at one end and operational/staff productivity at the other with Mbs Infosolution TM Consulting. Also our ALT CRMTM digital framework enables intelligent business operations, using sophisticated analytics and algorithmic logic to automate processes. Our advisory and implementation services help you integrate contemporary omni-channel technologies into existing platforms (protect present investments).


Channel Enablement

Customers engage with you via multiple channels, often in real-time including in social media. Understand their preferences, behaviors and past history to proactively offer the right product/service at the right time. Our channel design consultants help you isolate self-serve from high-touch interactions. We help you implement an optimum, customized solution of tools, process automation/optimization and analytics to deliver truly omni-channel customer experience.

channel Enablement
Process Optimization

Process Optimization & Automation

Mbs Infosolution Consulting has worked on hundreds of engagements across industries involving enterprise transformation. These projects have helped clients address business consolidation, slowdowns, legacy system migrations, or develop alternate strategies for labor and facilities. As a business optimization framework, our Experience Maturity Model has helped clients for over 20 years: to eliminate redundancies, create streamlined processes end-to-end, and automate them.